We improve efficiency and costs with best-in-class customer service, sophisticated analytics and complete transparency.

Our tailored approach to solving supply chain challenges with innovative technology-based solutions has made us a trusted, long-term partner with the largest restaurant chains in America. CDC Logistics focuses on improving efficiency and saving costs for our customers. By working directly with foodservice chain operators and using supply chain analytics, we can offer solutions for savings throughout their supply chains – using CDC Logistics' menu of 4PL services and solutions.

We partner with Telos Logistics to utilize industry-leading transportation management software and gain access to their wide network of carriers and supply chain analytics. Telos Logistics delivers comprehensive, customized supply chain solutions for foodservice manufacturers, distributors, warehousing companies and operators nationwide.

Our customized transportation management software (TMS) offers an end-to-end approach to analyzing supply chains. This allows for greater visibility across an entire transportation network.

We believe strongly that transparency is at the heart of every relationship we build with our customers – we are not only willing, but want to do it! Our powerful transportation management software is designed to provide strategic, understandable and traceable supply chain solutions.

We are highly responsive and flexible, driven to provide the best-in-class customer service in the industry. Our smart, capable employees create savings and solutions for our restaurant customers so they, in turn, can delight their customers with excellent food, beverages and memorable dining experiences.

"Denny's benefits from the cost savings of redistribution, and we also take advantage of CDC's expertise in managing large restaurant chains' redistribution programs and their superior level of customer service."

Mark Gray
Senior Director of Distribution & Logistics