Our new, expanded 4PL solution redefines logistics in the foodservice industry

Our customers have asked for more services, and we've delivered with new state-of-the-art facilities and custom software that offers powerful supply chain analytics and strategic solutions. CDC Logistics offers end-to-end solutions that provide freight management, redistribution, forward warehousing, and cross dock programs for a complete 4PL solution.

Freight Management
Our services include over-the-road (TL or LTL), intermodal and rail solutions to optimize regional, super-regional and national transportation networks.
As an experienced freight broker, we negotiate with carriers on our clients' behalf. By leveraging a marketplace of freight carriers to dynamically source competitive rates, we're able to reduce the landed cost of goods for our customers. By utilizing the best strategically located 3PL groups, asset-based carriers and private fleet equipment for freight, this allows us to minimize inefficiencies and excess costs.

Specializing in foodservice redistribution, our goal is simple: get product to the destination on time and at the lowest landed cost.
As the leading experts in customized redistribution, Consolidated Distribution Corporation (CDC) buys qualified redistribution products from the manufacturer/vendor and ships these items to our facilities in TL (truckload) quantities. We then move full, mixed TL shipments of consolidated SKUs of product to the distributor. This leads to optimized supplier production runs, lower distributor safety stock, and increased inventory turns – in effect, a more efficient foodservice supply chain overall. Learn more about our redistribution services. Visit cdcsupply.com for information about its specific service offerings.

Forward Warehousing
From cold and dry storage, to long-term bulk storage and just-in-time inventory management, we offer state-of-the-art inventory management and expert warehouse operations.
Forward warehousing allows goods from multiple manufacturers to be stored in a CDC warehouse that is closer to our customers' distribution centers. This consolidation of products enables our customers to ship more efficiently and reduce costs. It also allows manufacturers to have continuous production flow.

Cross Docking
We configure incoming products via three cross docking distribution solutions – continuous, consolidated and deconsolidated – to move product with the goal of reducing costs.
Cross docking increases efficiency by combining truckloads from multiple manufacturers to be immediately sent out in full, mixed truckloads. This results in shorter storage/warehousing time which translates to cost savings. Cross docking can be particularly efficient for fresh or refrigerated foods by reducing the time necessary to consolidate products and ship to their destination.


"Having a redistribution provider such as CDC gives us the flexibility to make last-minute changes and still get time-sensitive deliveries on time."

Patti DuMars
Senior Director of Supply Chain Management